Pastrami BBQ every 1st Friday of the month
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Pastrami Friday and Lino's Smoked Burger

Once a month, we serve a BBQ variety of Pastrami: We brine our Brisket for two weeks, then season it with pepper only from the outside and cook it like our regular Brisket.  Same procedure with the Pastrami Beef Ribs - brined and then cooked in our pit. Also, we created a Pastrami style sausage just for this occasion, made of brined Beef Shoulder, Cheddar and spices.

Pastrami Friday takes place every first Friday of the month. We recommend to make a reservation if you want to be part of this unique BBQ experience, because it usually sells out very fast.

On every second Saturday, there's another regular event: Lino's Smoked Burger has everything a good homemade burger needs, plus a fine smoky note and a juiciness you'll find nowhere else. Perfect together with our Beef Fat Fries.

Keep your eyes open for more specials at Lino's, it doesn't end here! Follow us on Facebook/Instagram so you don't miss out - we'll keep you informed there.

Note: On Pastrami Friday, we only serve the special Pastrami menu, so you can't order from our regular menu. Every second Saturday, when there's the Smoked Burger, it's different: Everything else on the menu is also available.

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