Lino's Barbecue in Berlin: Juicy Black Angus Prime Brisket, smoked for 12 hours
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Smoked Meats

Smoked up to 12 hours over selected oak logs

Brisket All Natural Black Angus

Beef Brisket, rubbed with salt and pepper

8,00 € per 100g, minimum 150g

Beef Ribs All Natural Black Angus


Chuck Short Ribs, size 200-450g

8,50 € per 100g, order per rib

Pulled Pork Swabian Hall Pig

Pork Shoulder

8,00 € per 100g, minimum 150g

Pork Belly Spareribs Swabian Hall Pig

Big and meaty Pork Ribs, rubbed with salt and pepper, finished with a touch of caramel, size 150-250g

6,00 € per 100g, order per rib

Jalapeño Sausage *HOMEMADE*

Lightly seasoned and smoked in a natural casing. Average size 200g

5,50 € per 100g, order per link


In a fresh and home baked bun,
with our special BBQ sauces

Big Brisket Bun

150g of Brisket, dill pickles, pickled red onions

13,50 €

El Diablo

150g of Brisket, Jalapeño Sausage, Hot Sauce
14,50 €

The Pitmaster

150g of Brisket, homemade bacon (Swabian-Hall Pig), fried free-range egg, Irish cheddar
16,50 €

Pulled Pork Pile

125g of Pulled Pork, cole slaw, dill pickles, pickled red onions
13,50 €

Make it Texas Size!

Add some meat to your sandwich:

 Brisket           Pulled Pork

 + 50g  4,00 €     + 50g  4,00 €

 + 100g 8,00 €     + 100g 8,00 €

 + two slices of bacon    3,00 €


Traditional BBQ combinations with pickles and/or sides

The Texas Trinity

200g of Brisket

200g of Pork Belly Spareribs

200g of Jalapeño Sausage

Dill pickles, pickled red onions

38,00 €

The Texas Trinity

"Everything is bigger in Texas"

400g of Brisket

400g of Pork Belly Spareribs

400g of Jalapeño Sausage

Dill pickles, pickled red onions

76,00 €

The Texas Trinity

"Lone Star Plate"

300g of Brisket

300g of Pork Belly Spareribs

300g of Jalapeño Sausage

Dill pickles, pickled red onions

57,00 €

Brisket Plate

+ one side of your choice

200g of Brisket, dill pickles, pickled red onions

20,00 €

Pork Rib Plate

+ one side of your choice

300g of Pork Belly Spareribs,

dill pickles, pickled red onions

20,00 €

Sides and Sweets

Everything is homemade and cooked fresh daily

Cowboy beans *SPICY*

Slow cooked pinto beans
3,50 €

Beef fat Fries

Handcut fries fried in beef tallow, homemade mayonnaise or ketchup
4,50 €

+ extra mayo/ketchup 1,00 €

German cole slaw

White cabbage and carrots
3,00 €

Dill pickle

Crunchy and tasty
2,00 €

Pickled red onions

Sweet and tangy
1,50 €

Raw red onions
1,50 €

Lino's Cheesecake

Finished with a touch of caramel
4,00 €


Beer on Tap

Bio Pils
0,3 l 3,50 €

0,4 l 4,25 €


Bio Radler
0,3 l 3,50 €

0,4 l 4,25 €

0,3 l 4,50 €

0,4 l 5,50 €

Bottled Beer

Schneider Weisse Tap7
0,5 l 4,00 €

Paderborner Pils
0,33 l 2,75 €

Rothaus Pils, nonalcoholic beer
0,33 l 3,00 €



Coca Cola/Coke light/Sprite/Fanta
0,2 l 2,20 €

Apple juice, unfiltered
0,3 l 3,50 €
0,4 l 4,50 €

0,3 l 3,00 €
0,4 l 4,00 €

Schweppes Tonic Water
0,2 l 2,80 €

White wine
Bulgarini Lugana DOC
0,2 l   7,00 €
Bottle 25,00 €

Librandi Critone Bianco

0,2 l   8,00 €
Bottle 30,00 €

Red wine

Primitivo di San Marzano
0,2 l   5,50 €
Bottle 17,00 €

Librandi Gravello Rosso
Bottle 45,00 €


1,80 €

2,80 €

2,40 €

Caffè Latte
3,20 €


Spreequell Wasser
natural/medium sparkling
0,25 l 2,00 €
0,75 l 5,50 €


Gin and Tonic
4 cl Tanqueray (47,3% alc/vol), Dry Tonic Water
8,50 €

Eversbusch 46% alc/vol
Eversbusch Doppelwacholder is a clear, juniper-flavored liqueur dating back to 1817. It has always been distilled on the same facilities in Hagen-Haspe - until today.
2 cl 3,00 €

Eversbusch and Tonic

4 cl Eversbusch (46% alc/vol), Dry Tonic Water

8,50 €

Tito’s Vodka 40% alc/vol
Handmade Vodka from Austin, Texas. Microdistilled in an old-fashioned pot still, cleansed by filtering it through the finest activated carbon available. Super smooth.
2 cl 5,50 €

Williams Pea/Apricot Liqueur 40% alc/vol
Matured in oak casks. Natural residual sweetness. Strong fruit, very smooth.
2 cl 5,50 €

Maker’s Mark 45% alc/vol
Small Batch Bourbon Whiskey
from Kentucky.

2 cl 3,00 €

Laphroaig 40% alc/vol
Islay Single Malt Scotch Whisky. Ten years old. Smoky, with a hint of salt, peat and seaweed. Strong oak notes.
2 cl 5,50 €

Tequila Corralejo Blanco 38% alc/vol
100% Agave Tequila. No additives. Matured in Bourbon casks. Notes of lemon and pepper.

2 cl 5,50 €

Cobalto Tequila Blanco 40% alc/vol
100% Agave Tequila. Organic and completely free from additives. Exeptionally smooth.
2 cl 6,50 €

Espiritú Lauro Joven 40% alc/vol
Espíritu Lauro Joven is an ensemble of two different agave species, made with 70% agave Espadin and 30% agave Karwinskii. This mezcal is bright and subtly smokey. It has notes of dried herbs and a sweet agave finish that mixes with the tastes of baked jalapenos.
2 cl 8,50 €

Copalli White Rum 42% alc/vol
Organic rum from the rainforests of Belize. Clean and fruity flavor.
2 cl 6,50 €

Balcones Brimstone Whiskey 53% alc/vol

This one-of-a-kind whiskey is smoked with sun-baked Texas scrub oak using our own secret process. The result is a whiskey full of fresh, youthful corn and light fruit notes married with a bold smokiness. 

2 cl 11,00 €

FEW Rye Whiskey 46,5% alc/vol
This Whiskey is aged in air dried oak barrels and is a melt of rye, corn and malt in its mas
h. This makes for an exeptionally good Rye Whiskey, one that its creators are proud enough to call "the renaissance of Rye".
2 cl 8,50 €

Pastrami Friday

Every 1st Friday of the month

Lino's Special Pastrami

Pastrami Brisket

Brined for three weeks, then seasoned with pepper only from the outside. Finally cooked just like our regular Brisket
8,50 € per 100g

Pastrami Beef Ribs

Same procedure as with the Brisket: Brined, peppered and then cooked
9,00 € per 100g

Pastrami Cheddar Sausage


Beef Shoulder, brined for three weeks, ground and then mixed with cheddar and spices
5,50 € per 100g

Pastrami Sandwich

150g of sliced Pastrami Brisket, roasted sauerkraut, home baked bun, caramel mustard sauce
14,00 €
+ 50g Pastrami   4,25 €
+ Cheddar cheese 1,00 €

Pastrami Plate
150g of Pastrami Brisket, 150g of Pastrami Sausage, dill pickle, roasted sauerkraut, home baked bread, russian dressing, caramel mustard sauce
25,00 €

selected sides and sweets

Beef fat Fries

Handcut fries fried in beef tallow, homemade mayonnaise or ketchup
4,50 €

+ extra mayo/ketchup 1,00 €

Roasted Sauerkraut


Fermented cabbage, roasted in
beef tallow
3,50 €


Lino's Cheesecake

Finished with a touch of caramel
4,00 €

On Pastrami Friday (every 1st Friday of the month), we only serve this special Pastrami menu. Enjoy!

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